Client Stories

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Inspiring Creativity in Older Adults

When E.A. Michelson Philanthropy’s founder and president Ellen Michelson wanted to launch a major initiative in the field of creative aging, she selected Family Philanthropy Advisors to help make it happen. FPA researched the field and key players, learned about needs and opportunities, and developed and implemented a strategy to dramatically expand programs across the country using a learning cohort model.  Four years later, new programs have been launched by dozens of nonprofits, nearly 2,000 older adults have participated in them, and major national partnerships are accelerating the expansion of these programs across the country.

E.A. Michelson Philanthropy

Focusing and Professionalizing

When Rosemary and David Good approached FPA, they had been managing their private foundation with the help of a bookkeeper. The Goods knew they needed help to develop and implement a highly professional program that met their mission. They were primarily interested in the arts and social justice, but were unaware of the many organizations that serve both priorities. FPA helped them hone their mission, define their priorities, develop their operations and identify a wide range of organizations that fit their priorities.  The Foundation now supports a portfolio of approximately 25 organizations with which they have developed close relationships, making their giving not only effective but personally rewarding.

Rosemary and David Good Family Foundation

Changing the Practice of Medicine

After one philanthropist was diagnosed with breast cancer, she realized that although her disease had been treated successfully, she needed help regaining a sense of control over her life and preventing a recurrence. Because healing involves the world of body, mind and spirit, she believed that medicine needed to adopt an integrative approach. Her dream took shape as FPA helped her family foundation bring together medical leaders, philanthropists, experts and foundations to create a philanthropic collaborative with wide-ranging impact.