"Family Philanthropy Advisors was an invaluable resource when we were planning on fine tuning the direction of our grantmaking. FPA facilitated a successful family retreat which provided our Foundation with clear goals and a clear focus. Without FPA’s assistance we wouldn’t have accomplished nearly as much as we did in refining our strategy for the next several years. They were a delight to work with."

James R. Frey,
President / CEO & Director, The Frey Foundation

Foundation Management and Consulting

FPA helps clients start and manage private foundations and also shares its expertise through consulting services to help enhance the work of existing family, private, corporate, community and operating foundations.

Foundation Start-up

FPA is ready to assist you wherever you are in the process. From the initial conversations to making your first grant, FPA has the expertise to guide you through the steps in starting your family foundation. FPA helps your family determine a mission and focus, develop policies and procedures and complete the necessary documentation with the government. FPA also has the experience to help your family foundation create a logo, business cards, letterhead, website and more.

Grants Administration

Let FPA streamline and track your grantmaking with our sophisticated grants tracking software. All of your grantmaking documentation can easily be collected in one well-organized place. FPA does the legwork to help you determine the best organizations in which to invest and will work closely with all board members to include them in as much or as little of the process as desired. From sending out grant agreements and checks to monitoring and tracking multi-year commitments and conducting assessments, FPA thoroughly monitors and reports on your community investments—locally, nationally and abroad.

Board Support

FPA helps your board become an effective governance team. Grant reviews, evaluation and additional materials will be generated for you well before each board meeting so all you have to do is discuss and decide action.

Program Management

Effective grantmaking is more than just making grants. Make the most of your investment and let the expert FPA staff help your grantmaking go further by providing comprehensive program management services. FPA has the know-how to coordinate scholarship and fellowship programs, convene organizations to encourage collaboration, provide technical organizational development assistance and more.


Laws are tightening around philanthropic giving. FPA stays current on compliance issues surrounding family foundations so you can be assured that your foundation’s policies and procedures are accurate.

Administrative Support

FPA provides a dedicated address and a physical office for all foundation communications and operations. FPA has the capacity to collect your foundation mail and provide dedicated phone lines specifically for your foundation. FPA staff handles all incoming inquiries, processes grants and declinations and is the professional face for your family foundation.


FPA supports your family when determining the level at which your foundation wants to be recognized in the community through press releases, annual reports, websites and more. FPA helps craft and manage a communications plan that lets your family share as much or as little of your philanthropic work with the community as you desire.

Events Management

FPA has the expertise to develop and lead educational events for your foundation at the local or national level. Services include the development of invitation lists, program content and promotional materials, event design, graphic design management and script writing.

Initiative Development

Our community is constantly changing and your foundation is looking to adjust to better meet these changing needs. FPA informs these adjustments by providing comprehensive research to determine your foundation’s next initiative or identify enhancements to existing initiatives. FPA provides thorough research on current issues your foundation is considering, along with ideas on how to improve the impact of your foundation’s current grantmaking.

Want to find partners to share in the work? FPA helps facilitate collaborative conversations so that your foundation can work with others on changing the world.

Program Research

Nonprofit organizations are constantly starting, merging, expanding, downsizing and/or adjusting to meet their client and community needs. FPA helps your foundation do the due diligence to find the best programs to meet your foundation’s identified initiatives or goals.

Board Training

How your foundation board operates directly affects your grantmaking. Challenges to the structure and effectiveness of your board occur as new members join, current members cycle off and new generations emerge into new leadership roles. FPA is highly experienced at leading board retreats for governance training, strategic planning, next generation issues and community building.