"It isn't just about tracking grants and making payments on pledges and due diligence. The great group at FPA brings passion and a commitment to the causes and the people we are trying to benefit. Everything they do on behalf of the James Ford Bell Foundation is done well and in a manner that makes our trustees, indeed our entire family, very proud of what we have been able to accomplish. Our grantees very much appreciate the considerate, respectful and supportive relationship that everyone at FPA has with their organizations. I can't recommend FPA highly enough to anyone who is looking to raise the level of their giving and foundation management."

Ford Bell, Chairman
The James Ford Bell Foundation

Our Approach Fulfills Your Goals

With customized, professional support, FPA helps clients strengthen relationships, bridge generations, build a legacy, enjoy learning, find joy and truly make a difference. FPA works closely with each client to determine their needs and desired outcomes and then creates a customized bundle of support services to meet their goals.

By incorporating best practices and decades of experience, FPA supports philanthropy at its best: philanthropy that is strategic, high-impact and ultimately deeply rewarding.

FPA is unique in providing a diverse and experienced philanthropic team to serve your specific needs.

Expert Staff to Leverage Resources and Build Capacity

FPA has over 80 years of combined experience in foundation operations, strategic grantmaking and program management and development. FPA excels at building the assets of individuals and organizations to make sustainable and lasting change.

Substantial results do not always require substantial grants. FPA works closely to strategically guide your philanthropic investments by providing technical assistance to organizations when needed most and making connections to additional resources to help build their internal and external capacities.

If you or your family foundation are looking to strengthen capacity, FPA identifies your needs and creates customized services to help get you to the next level with your giving.

Meet Our Team

Personal Service

Philanthropy is deeply rewarding and a lot of fun. FPA takes care of all the details so you can focus on the most satisfying aspects of grantmaking. By providing meeting coordination, board book preparation, site visit planning, documentation and reporting, working with FPA allows you to fully enjoy the process of giving.

FPA takes the time to get to know you in order to determine how best to meet your needs. FPA provides you with everything you need to make the best decisions that will have the greatest impact in your community.

Our personal service extends to the organizations your foundation supports. FPA provides technical support to ensure your family's investment enhances the organization and changes people's lives. All the while, FPA staff is just a phone call away. Phone the FPA offices with a question or an idea and we will respond with the information, advice and the support you need.

Flexibility and Control

Family foundations are nimble organizations and are uniquely able to respond to the changes that affect nonprofit organizations and the communities they serve. FPA staff is constantly researching, learning and working with leaders to determine exactly what issues are facing your foundation's community. This information helps you make the best grantmaking decisions, in real time, to address the issues that are important to you.

With FPA's support, your foundation's grantmaking is impactful and uncomplicated. You make the decision and the organization gets the grant. There are no additional steps, grant review boards or processes to complete.

Have Local or International Impact

Some philanthropists find greater per-dollar impact when making international grants; others prefer to keep their grantmaking close to home. Locally or internationally, FPA has the ability to help you with grantmaking in the United States or abroad.


Explore topics of interest and learn about what inspires your family to change the world. FPA thoroughly researches topics of interest to you, connects you to experts in the field and presents the information to you in a way that is most effective.

Strengthen Relationships

Enhance the bond between generations as families work together on issues that are important to each member of your family. Engage your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in the immensely satisfying work of philanthropy.

Make a Difference

Change the world. Philanthropy has the ability to make a marked and lasting difference in communities and in individual lives.

Bridge Generations and Geography

As foundations continue through generations, trustees can become disconnected from each other as family members move to new homes across the world. Philanthropy can act as the glue to keep the generations connected. FPA has worked with families throughout the United States, using technological tools to conduct meetings and site visits during times when families are unable to come together in one place.

Create a Legacy

Create a community legacy of which your entire family can be proud. Make a noticeable impact in your community that unites your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren around the history and mission of your family.