Supporting Journeys of Generosity

  • FPA helps clients achieve more impact with their giving than they ever dreamed possible

    "FPA took my husband and me from doing checkbook philanthropy with our new foundation to one that has a mission and far-reaching aspirations. It helped us to see how we could have transformational impact in the areas we decided to focus on...FPA helped me grow as a person and as a philanthropist and helped to build a foundation that is truly making a difference."
    - Penny George, President, The George Family Foundation and co-founder, The Bravewell Collaborative

  • Bridging Intent and Strategy

    Family Philanthropy Advisors builds bridges to support your philanthropic journey - from intention to action, from family to community, from your passions to real impact. Using a customized process and approach that reflect your values, FPA helps you achieve the greatest possible impact with your philanthropy, helping you identify and articulate your hopes, hone your intention and sharpen your focus. Whether you hope to convene others in common cause, create programs that support a specific focus, or strategically impact systems, FPA can help you develop and implement your dreams.

  • Bridging Strategy and Action

    With Family Philanthropy Advisors, you will enjoy leading your foundation with all the benefits of professional staff. Our boutique-style firm of philanthropic professionals and administrative staff will guide your journey and coordinate all aspects of the high-impact services you need. With a combined total of more than 80 years of experience in strategic philanthropy and nonprofit management on staff, FPA has the capacity and expertise to help you fulfill your philanthropic goals. FPA also has a global network of specialists that can be drawn upon as required.

  • Bridging Action and Impact

    The philanthropic experts at FPA provide strategy, support, due diligence, grant administration, grant guideline development, communication, program development and evaluation and more, allowing you to focus on what you care about most: having a true impact on people's lives, including your own.

  • A Transformational Journey

    Over time, many donors find their philanthropic experience to be transformational, just as the best journeys are. They discover their desire to bring more than a checkbook to the table, moving from simply responding to requests, to active learning and engagement, to creating true impact. They see the world and themselves differently.

    Your journey can illuminate, challenge, change and reward you and your family. With FPA as your guide and support, you can experience the joy of making lasting change, while enjoying every step along the way.

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